People, people.....a potluck saga!

Potluck Do's and Don't Don't cook at my house--hello there are 50 people in the kitchen. Don't think that I will have room in my freezer/fridge hours beforehand. Don't expect me to have 25 platters or a special serving dish. Don't put hot plates on my dining room table. Don't bring something and not put it out. (just weird-people). Don't leave things on little tables (I just found cookies by the phone) Don't take home other people's items unless they offer.

Do bring whatever the hell you want. (I don't judge on that) Do take your dish home with you or make it a disposable one. Do look for trivets or coasters. Do share recipes. Do eat and have a good time.

Well what thinks the Serious Eaters...and yes, I know I might be being a Serious Hater...I am pretty tired. I hosted 2 receptions this week and had to attend another this morning at 8 am and I am not terribly friendly at that time.

(BTW I made the Pioneer Woman Burgundy mushrooms --they were awesome!)


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