My Dad Had a Slight Heart Attack

I was told this morning that my dad had a very "slight heart attack" last night, though I didn't know there was such a thing. I've always considered him strong as an ox and very healthy. At 59 he still walks his dog for at leat forty minutes a day, goes jogging, works every day, and does all kinds of other physical activity.

After looking over his paperwork from being discharged, it appears that it may have been stress related. Like myself, my dad worries and obsesses over everything and because of issues going on in our family- he has a lot to stress out about. I also found out he has very cholesterol. I'm assuming this is from eating at least a dozen tortillas a day for the last, I don't know, forty years.

My mom is a very bad cook. Everything that she "makes" is pre-packaged, out of a can or box or jar- all of it ridden with tons of sodium, chemicals, and other bad stuff. I'm going to start cooking for my dad during the week, but I was hoping for some suggestions from Serious Eaters about the types of food I should make.

Aside from salads and fish and the obvious, do you have any recipes or dish ideas for a man who's big on Mexican flavors and who will surely be craving his daily torillia/chili fix while trying to get healthy and eat better?

Thanks in advance.


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