ISO steak au poivre and bread pudding recipes

The wife and I have finally decided on our menu for Valentine's Day now all I need is adequate recipes. I've searched high and low to the point that I've developed a pretty mean headache (I tend to overthink things...) so I figured I would see what my fellow SEers can do for me. What I'm looking for is the following:

A very traditional steak au poivre recipe for two. The sauce should contain heavy cream, cognac, beef stock, shallots, and multiple types of peppercorns. Money/time isn't an issue as we have all day to cook. I'll be making rosemary red-skinned potatoes and a green veggie of some sort to accompany.

Bread pudding for dessert. I've made it once before and it wasn't custardy enough. The wife requested no chocolate so I'm thinking cinnamon raisin or date or apple or fig... anything that would follow steak au poivre nicely. We don't want the crusty NO-style we want mushy custardy goodness with a light top crust.

I'm sorry for the specifics but if anyone has a great suggestion for us we're all ears. Thank you.


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