here's the real reason not to eat in the subway

well, i try not to eat in the subway, but i had a super busy day and was starving to death and couldn't stand it another minute. so i pulled out the little plastic bag of food i had prepared that morning: two hard boiled eggs, two tangerines, and a bag of cut up carrots and peppers. as soon as i had taken it out of my backpack, the man sitting across from me asked me in an extremely loud voice for one of my tangerines. so i gave it to him. as soon as he finished eating it, he said, HEY MISSY! MISSY! CAN PUHLEEZE HAVE SOME OF YOUR CARROTS??? so i handed him the bag. i got off the train before he could ask for anything else and waited for the next one.

he didn't look at all like a homeless person, by the way. he was very neatly dressed and groomed.


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