French Ovens: Le Creuset vs. Fontignac

I've been planning to buy a Le Creuset Dutch / French oven for several weeks now, and have comparison shopped quite a bit, but I was at Bed Bath and Beyond and noticed another cast iron oven brand, Fontignac by Staub, also a French company.

I know Le Creuset is the gold standard in terms of Dutch ovens, but the Fontignac brand felt heavy and well-fitted in the same way as the LC. And the price differential was huge. $235 for a 5.5 qt LC, but $99 for a 5 qt Fontignac??? That is a big price difference, and one I just can't ignore.

Anyone have a Fontignac, have an opinion on the two, or know whether I'm better off going for the more expensive Le Creuset? In fact, any advice on the matter would be appreciated.


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