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So I've recently jumped back into the fray, started dating again after taking a break. I've been making arrangements to meet over dinner, and now I'm rethinking this. Dinner is a serious commitment for a first date. I'm now thinking meeting somewhere more relaxed where we can get a drink and maybe a couple snacks, would be the way to go. The problem I'm finding with dinner on a first date is being locked into being in one place for at least an hour, with a table separating us, being interrupted by the wait staff, the high pressure feeling of having to pick the right thing off the menu... It's a lot to handle when we really should be focusing on getting to know each other. If things were going well we could then go get something to eat afterwards, and if not, well, we finish our glasses and call it a night.

I was thinking Terroir, but it's cramped , uncomfortable and loud. I like the vibe and the aesthetic though. So something similar but more intimate and more comfortable... Does anyone have any great first and early in the relationship date spots? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) Anywhere in Manhattan or BK is fine.


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