Cheap eating options in Paris and Italy (Rome, Florence)

Our trip is coming up fairly soon, and the wife being a very picky eater I'm trying to come up with some places to eat while in Paris and Italy. I've already begun accumulating ideas from chef friends who've been to Italy, but I figured if there's a spot on the internet to get great food recommendations for travel it'd be here at SE.

We'll be in Paris for only 3 days. It's my wife's portion of the vacation entirely, so we'll be doing mainly touristy stuff. But any great cheap spots we should keep an eye out for would be appreciated.

Italy will be a much longer stay, and we'll be traveling around. Homebase is Rome, but we'll be in Florence and the Amalfi Coast for sure. Personally I'm not looking for traditional sitdown dining options. But if there's something can't miss, and reasonably priced, I'm open to looking into it. I guess I'm looking for favorite trattorias for the most part.

I'll eat anything, and look forward to doing so.


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