Appropriate Vessels for No-Knead Bread

Hi SEers,

I made no-knead bread for the first time a few weeks ago, and I used a cast-aluminum dutch-oven. It came out pretty tasty, but I would like it to be a little bit taller, which would require a smaller pan than my large dutch oven. I'm afraid to put some of my smaller baking dishes in the oven at the 500 degree temperature. In particular, I would like to use either of these vessels, as they both have similar diameters that I think would produce the result I am seeking: (1) a 1.3 Qt. souffle dish by Anchor Ovenware--it appears to be clay-based, with a clear glaze on it; (2) A stainless steel 3 Qt. pot with lid. I don't see any non-steel parts on the entire thing, and it doesn't have any non-stick finish on it or anything. I would prefer to use this the most, since it comes with a lid.

I know this is probably an elementary question, but can either of these withstand the 500 degree oven without damaging themselves or the bread? Thanks in advance, I am planning on baking tomorrow!


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