What iconic foods/brands have you not tried?

Chatting briefly here in the SE office about the death of Donald Goerke, creator of SpaghettiOs, we found out that Robyn Lee here has never tried them. (A while back, we found out she had never tried a Hostess Fruit Pie.*)

Anyway, this brings me to my question: What iconic foods have you not tried? Think Spam, SpaghettiOs, Twinkies, etc., but if it's some sort of dish, like pizza or tacos or something, that works, too.

*Some would stay she still hasn't tried a Hostess Fruit Pie, since she had the weird Drake's version HFP. Anyone care to send her a REAL Hostess Fruit Pie, which we can't seem to get in NYC? c/o Serious Eats, 242 W 27th ST #4A, New York NY 10001


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