Weekend Cook and Tell: Adventurous Vegetables

Welcome to the Weekend Cook and Tell. Every Wednesday we search high and low through the food sections of various national newspapers to create a weekend cooking project. We hope you will cook along with us and share your experiences, recipes, and photos here.

This week's inspiration comes from Melissa Clark of The New York Times. For weeks, a farmer at her local farmers' market had been encouraging her to try some of his rutabaga, but Clark was apprehensive having never attempted to cook with this somewhat unfamiliar root.

Eventually the earnest farmer gave her one, and so her obsession with "The Best Vegetable You've Never Tried" began. Ever since that fateful day, Clark has been roasting, braising, boiling, and even eating rutabaga raw. For years she didn't know what she was missing.

For our challenge this week we are asking you to explore the produce section of your local market and bring home a vegetable (or fruit) that you aren't familiar with and go nuts in the kitchen.

Lots of folks still harbor childhood fears of green vegetables—brussels sprouts, asparagus, and spinach come. But more often than not, it's just because they were served poorly prepared versions as a child.

Or maybe you've been intimidated by a certain vegetable—a big squash or perhaps beans that require shelling. This week we want you to overcome your fruit and vegetable-related fears and get adventurous. Who knows? You just might like it.

Show us your photos on Photograzing (make sure to include "Cook and Tell" in your submission title) and tell us about your recipes here! If you'd like to blog the experience, please leave a link in the comments below. We'll post a round-up of your photos and recipes next Wednesday with all of your cooking adventures.

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