Vodka infusion advice neeed!

Hi everyone, I'm making a bunch of infused vodkas for a party saturday. I've got kiwi, which is coming along well, chai spices, which is turning out AMAZING, citrus with mint, and rosemary.

The problem is the herbs. It's only been 24 hours for all of them, but the rosemary one smells really unpleasant, and the citrus/mint one too, but to a much lesser extent. I can't describe how the rosemary one smells, other than like old rotten herbs I guess. It's still totally intact and does not appear to be decomposing at all (it shouldn't, it's vodka!). Even weirder, it tastes ok, but the smell is repulsive.

The citrus-mint one has a faint smell of mint that's been sitting in water way too long, like if you leave the ice cubes in a drunk mojito to melt and soak the mint for an hour or two. It also carries a hint of that taste.

Needless to say this is not at all desirable! What can I do? Is this normal? I've seen recipes for mint and rosemary vodka and none of them mention any sort of problem like this.

I muddled a lot more mint and am now infusing a smaller quantity of vodka, for a shorter amount of time, in the hope of adding the strained result back to the citrus mix.

By the way, I'm using pretty good (Pinnacle) vodka, 80 proof, so it's not the alcohol.


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