Umm... spoiled pork?

I went to H-E-B (grocery store) about a week ago. I bought this large 4(ish) pound pork roast that I was going to slow cook.

The label says "Sell By: 01/16/10" It looks like it was vacuum sealed. So I cut it open today, and I have my slow cooker all ready to go and for some strange reason I lean in and smell the meat.

It smells like a sewer line burst inside my pork! I had to take a second, and then a third sniff, I thought 'I must be going crazy, what exactly does pork smell like again?' So I asked my wife to take a whiff and she gags instantly, I'm talking a real, real, tainted smell, like my pork forgot to wash it's socks for a week.

WTF is goin on with my pork!? That seems like way to long for a roast to be good right? Do I take an opened pork roast back to the store?


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