Transporting Food in Carry On Luggage

So DH and I are flying to NYC for our anniversary in February. We have not flown to the City since December 2001. Back then, it was not a problem to have Zabar's pack us a cooler bag to travel with caviar, whitefish salad, chubs, etc. and a Cool-Pak and to carry it on with us. However, we now live in the "no liquid or gel" age and I expect that TSA has a narrow view about what chilling apparatus can be brought on board.

DH and I hope to acquire some of our favorite delicacies, including bialys, knishes, a assortment of products from Murray's Cheeses, and the aforementioned whitefish salad to carry home. Checking perishables is not my favorite option because it risks both lost luggage and spillage.

Has anyone had any experiences bringing what I would call "semi-solid" food like whitefish salad and softer cheeses on a flight? Can you get them through security? And how did you keep them cold? Will TSA allow a Cool-Pak or similar to be carried on?

Thanks in advance!


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