The world is ending! Food rationing is in effect, choose wisely!

Note: The world is not ending, no one panic.

Just for fun though...

Lets say you're allowed to pick 3 proteins, you're allowed 5 fruit and veg choices, and an oil/spice/seasoning combination of under 7 items. (S&P are given.) You're only allowed to buy once a month, so you will be eating what you pick for a whole month.

What are your 3 must have proteins, your 5 must have fruits and veggies, and your 7 must have spices and oils?

They will be weighed out based on a scale the gov't made according to your family size, so no need to worry about how much you get. It will be exactly enough because the government is always right. (Right?)

The protein will be various cuts, you have to choose a whole animal, and use all the parts given. So beef will be everything from steaks to ribs to tounge, chicken every part, should you choose scallops, you just get scallops. There is no shortage of anything animal, just rationing.

Also would you completely change the list of items every month, or would some never change?


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