The simple thing Mom never made

So, talk of SpaghettiOs and cheese made me think about things I ate as a kid, and I suddenly realized that my mother never, ever, ever made a grilled cheese sandwich for me.

There were grilled cheese sandwiches at school, and other moms made them, so they weren't unusual in any way. But my mother never made them and I left home not knowing how to make the childhood grilled cheese sandwich in a frying pan or on a griddle.

For the record, mom did make a melted cheese sandwich, but it was a slice of good Italian bread, colby cheese, a slice of tomato and a sprinkle of dried oregano. This was broiled until the cheese was bubbly and melty. I still make sandwiches this way, and I love 'em. And if I do have a regular two-slices-of-bread sandwich, I prefer it with a slice of tomato inside.

So what about you. Was there some normal, everyday thing that your mom didn't make, that most other moms did?


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