Seriously cheap college eats (Seattle).

i just moved to Seattle to finish my degree at UW, and i find my pocketbook draining money at an alarming rate. i'm a small person who doesn't eat much, but nevertheless i'm looking for healthy, *cheap*, vegetarian eats.

what i have been doing is rotating a fresh vegetable (or two) with some kind of starch. lately i have been eating kale with potatoes and onions (seasoned w/ a little dill and lemon) or rotini. rice and beans (w/ Goya seasoning, mmm) and some sauteed tofu are also in.

for breakfast, i have oats and raisins in bulk, or homemade banana bread/whole wheat apple muffins. i'm planning to start some No-Knead bread tonight. and of course i have coffee, lol.

my problem is, spices and vinegars/oils are verrrrry expensive considering my budget. i realize that once you lay things in, they prove their worth, but right now i can't afford to go run out and buy vanilla extract, thyme, rosemary, stock, etc. etc. whatever i buy needs to be able to go straight in my stomach.

do you have any suggestions for similar basic one-two-three ingredient meals? or places where i can find bargains and so on? i'm thinking about trying an Asian market but i don't know of any yet.


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