Rules of thumb for converting recipes and feeding a crowd?

Next week I am cooking for a luncheon reception following a funeral. There will be roughly fifty people at the service, and possibly fewer at the reception. I've been asked to make a chicken curry with jasmine rice, in addition to some simple sides. I have a pretty reliable recipe for the curry that serves four - five, and have already scaled up the recipe to feed fifty (I used an online conversion site mentioned in another post here). The amounts seem astronomical to me, but I'm just gonna bite the bullet and go with it.

My question is: when cooking for a large crowd, should I assume I am really cooking for fifty eaters? Or should I under-estimate this number a bit? Or perhaps, over-estimate this number?

I would also really appreciate any advice about how to get this thing off the ground in my medium-sized, but well-equipped, kitchen. I have visions of myself browning 20 lbs of chicken legs at three in the morning! And of filling every pot in the house with rice because my rice cooker is so small! Can those giant tin foil roasting pans be used to "braise" the curry in the oven? Where do I even buy those jumbo tin foil pans?

Okay, I'm off to check out that blog by that chef who cooks for frat boys. Maybe I can glean some wisdom over there too... wish me luck and many many thanks in advance.


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