RE: Angel Food Dressing

a couple of you asked me to report back about my attempt to recreate a restaurant dish resolutjc offered up as a way to use the angel food cake i've had in my freezer. well, i made it last night, so here's the lowdown. i cut the butternut squash in half & laid it cut side down in about an inch of water and put it in my oven at 350. it wasn't til about ten minutes later that i remembered resolutejc has said they roast it in a little olive oil-oops. it ultimately didn't matter too much, but i'd definitely like to try it that way next time. i also had a couple of potatoes baking in there, so i slid a bunch of the frozen angel food croutons on a cookie sheet and turned them to brown up. then i tossed them in my food processor and pulsed them into crumbs. once the squash was done i scraped out the meat of one of the halves with a spoon and mixed some kerrygold irish butter into it. then i pulsed it in my food processor to a nice puree. when i made the other half of the squash i drizzled some extra light virgin olive oil into the processor too, instead of drizzling it on top. they both tasted good-was curious, resolutjc-how do they do it at your place? anyway, i took the puree and arranged it nicely on a small plate. next, i sprinkled on the angel food crumbs. the first i coated lightly and the second one i had a heavier hand on. both were good, but i like a lot, so my vote went to number two. resolutjc had said to use parmesan reggiano, but i mistakenly grabbed percorino romano at the market instead. it still tasted good, although i'd like to do it the right way next time. i nixed the truffle/truffle oil entirely, however, if i ever get my hands on some this is the recipe i'd make with it. after grating on the cheese (just like the crumbs i did the first plate lightly and the second more heavy-the more the better in my opinion.) then i topped it off with some really good hand picked french sea salt. it. was. awesome. thanks resolutjc!


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