My nieces were here for New Year's festivities and whenever we are able to spend time together, shopping and cooking play a major role. They're both toddlers, but very interested in food. We usually go to ethnic restaurants together, farmer's markets, Mexican markets, new bakeries and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Anyhow, I stupidly let my nieces pick out whatever they wanted at the farmer's market, somehow forgetting that they were going back to Utah the next day. I'm now stuck with three pounds of radishes; a vegetable I was never really fond of in the first place. Had they stayed the whole week, there's no doubt they would have eaten every last radish as a snack because they're weird like that. Sadly, that doesn't seem like an appealing snack to me.

Do any Serious Eaters have any suggestions for tasty recipes or even different applications- other than just chomping into one raw, that is? Do they go with something, can they be made into something? If worse comes to worse, I can just give them to my next door neighbor.

Thanks in advance!


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