"Private Chefs of Beverly Hills" Has FN Completely Lost It?

Mr. Arjava may be the best husband in the world, but his cooking reality show addiction has me thinking of doing an intervention. Now, I can sit through "Chopped" or even the occasional "Ace of Cakes" without fussing too much. But yesterday he DVR'd a FN show called "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills". I kid you not.

PCoBH is sort of a mashup of "Million Dollar Listing", with snotty, hipster private chefs in place of snotty, hipster realtors making food for "Real Housewives of Whatever". In this episode, some PCs cooked meals for 1) a high school girl's Homecoming party 2) a man who wanted to pretend he cooked a romantic dinner for his SO and 3) something else (I will freely admit that I was so bored I forgot).

Standard reality show format - client meets with PC to go over details. But wait, a twist! There will be two PCs for each event, and they don't like each other! They snipe at one another! They disagree on what to make! There is much eye rolling, snarky comments, clueless spoiled teenagers and other contrived drama. One "highlight" - the SO of the guy pretending that he cooked her dinner looked into the kitchen window (eating on the terrace, of course) and the PCs dropped to the floor and were crawling around. The food was entirely beside the point.

Unfortunately, Mr. A deleted the episode already (even he couldn't stand it) so I can't tell you when it was on other than sometime yesterday. There's no info on FN's site that I can see, and Googling it didn't help. Did anyone else see this hot mess and what did you think of it? Or was it (please, please) just a bad dream that I had?


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