Ordering off the menu or buffet?

I went to a restaurant today at lunch. I had a choice of the buffet, featuring 2 sides, 2 mains and soup, or ordering off the menu. As I had never been to this place before, and I specifically went there to try some new cuisine (Pilipino), I ordered off the menu. There was a hint of annoyance from the waitress that I chose the menu, but afterwards the meal and service were great.

Have you felt any pressure to choose the buffet over the menu?

(BTW I ate Kwek Kwek which are hard boiled quail eggs fried in batter similar to a scotch egg, and Lechon which is fried pork bellies with skin, it came with fried rice and a fried egg on the side yum! The buffet was grilled vegetables, steamed rice, stewed fish, something else I can't remember and beef soup)


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