Not your average NYC restaurant request

I have a very specific mission this summer: experience the best of what New York City has to offer. I have found myself in a very unique situation: I was born and rasied in North Carolina, I go to school at Cornell's Hotel School, and am now interning this summer at one of NYC most loved restaurants. (I'm not sure if I can say the name, but its located near Union Square Park and was founded in 1985) I have been to the city a total of two times, so this is truley a situation of 'Southern transplant trying to make his way in the big city."

My project to occupy my time while I am not working at ______ is to blog about my eatings, work, and experiences of the city. Remeber, I have never really eatin at restaurants such as the ones New York has to offer. What I need from you, Serious Eaters, is the names of those very restaurants. Just simply submit the one restaurant you feel is the best or worth a visit. I will total all of the results, select the top 20, and then vist each of them over the course of the summer.

Which is your favorite?


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