Milk & Honey

This is a delicious drink concoction I created with the input of a very good friend of mine. It's not overly sweet, and its perfect for the winter season. It tastes like sweet cream vanilla and resembles eggnog.

Milk & Honey

- 2.5 oz of vanilla infused vodka - 2 oz of half and half - 2 oz (add more for more sweetness) of warm maple syrup - maraschino cherry (for garnish) - cinnamon or powdered chocolate


Fill a rocks glass to the rim with ice. Add vanilla vodka, warm maple syrup and half and half. Shake vigorously. (should be very frothy, like cappuccino) Garnish with a maraschino cherry and gently sprinkle cinnamon or powdered chocolate on top. Voila! Enjoy. Perfect for the novice drinker.


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