Meat - How done do you like it?

I've been thinking about how I like my meat done. Some of it is a hold over from how my mom made it as a kid, some isn't. For example, mom cooked roast beef until it was rare and that is still how I like it now. But she also cooked lamb rare and now I find that I prefer it medium rare so that more of the fat renders. Here's where I am these days on roasted meats:

Beef - bloody, freaking rare Lamb - medium rare Pork - Medium rare to medium (more towards medium I think). The texture of rarer pork sets something off in my brain even if the meat tastes good. Chicken - Done through. It's a visual and textural thing. Even if the meat thermometer says 160 on the white meat, if I see any pink my brain starts to play tricks with me.

How do you like your meat done?


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