Lettuce Wraps

When I lived in Arizona for a year I'd often go out to dinner with my sister-in-law and her favorite place to go was this chain chinese restaurant called P.F. Changs. She always ordered the lettuce wraps, which was ground chicken in some kind of yummy sauce that you'd wrap in really cold, crisp leaves of iceburg.

I've been looking online for a similar recipe and have come across a couple, but I thought I'd ask Serious Eaters if they had anything tasty before settling on an unreliable source.

So, I have ground pork, tons of veggies, and a well stocked pantry that includes tons of spices and other good stuff like Sriracha and Hoisin. Does anyone have a lettuce wrap recipe on hand or has anyone tried the P.F. Changs' lettuce wraps and can take a guess as to what's in them? Asian-inspired flavor combinations are something I'm still not entirely confident with, so I'll leave it up to you more seasoned cooks.

Thanks in advance!


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