Just watched a gentleman eat roadkill...

...on National Geographic's "Taboo" show.

Did anyone else see this?

I'm an adventurous eater, and I make serious attempts to eat locally and avoid factory meat. Furthermore, I'd like to consider myself accepting of all tastes, even if I wouldn't necessarily want to taste something myself.

Yet I just watched a documentary in which a cute old British guy harvested roadkill, then butcher and prepare it for a group meal. He skinned and cleaned the badger - which was literally green and moldy - and the clearly decomposing innards fell out of the animal in a gloppy mass of organic pudding. And I almost hurled. He determined that the badger was too rotten to eat, but fortunately, he had a freezer chest literally stuffed full of other harvests. This included an owl - "it's been in here a few years so it's not looking its best" and a rabbit - "I pulled this off the 85." Then he prepared a seabird casserole, garnished with a braised badger head that he also had on hand from previous scavenging excursions.

The documentary did mention that the guy's diet was based on disapproval for modern factory food production. Scavenging to save the environment, I suppose. That's not something I disagree with. But- I have a strong stomach - and this spectacle almost had me seeing my dinner for a second time.

Did anyone else see that? What's the line between "freegan" and "awful?" What did you think?


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