It BURNS! halp mees! (things to eat after the heat treatment)

All the burn topics have got me thinking... and reminiscing. Remember that time you burned your mouth on scalding _______? What did you eat the ensuing week, when your poor mouth was a devastated wasteland of tender flesh and blisters? I distinctly remember my mouth being drastically temperature and texture sensitive. Anything on either end of the temperature spectrum (too hot or too cold, even!) bought back the burn, so something that would seem like an obvious salve--ie; milkshake--was actually not. Anything too crunchy, like crackers and chips, crusty bread, raw and crunchy veg, ect, felt like the top of my mouth/tongue were being strip-mined all over again.

For a week after the initial burn, I remember subsisting on a lot of room temperature Ensure and soft bread. Back then I wasn't that creative or into food as I am nowadays, but even so, only a few things are popping to mind--applesauce, bananas, jell-O for those that'll have it (I don't care for it), soft meats (I'm thinking braised, meatballs, BBQ so tender it falls apart kinda thing)...

What are your ideas for a heat recovery diet? Ideally none of us should ever need these suggestions, but realistically, some of us (myself most definitely) will end up finding them helpful.


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