Introduce Yourself!

While technically not new to SE, it's only recently that I've started actively commenting and figured it was time for my first post. Having lurked for a few years now, the faces here are always changing and figured it'd be nice to have a current forum where everyone can reintroduce themselves, their backgrounds, what makes them tick or just their favorite things in general.

To start things off, I'm Josh, a 25 yr old structural engineer working and living in Columbus, OH and born and bred in OH (with a 4 yr stop off in Indiana, lol) The first things that started me cooking was helping out with scrambled eggs and making holiday cookies with my mom. And things have only grown from there to winning our chili cook-off at work. Currently I'm trying to get as much of my meat from the wonderful butchers and fishmongers in the North Market; as well as actually keeping to an actual menu for the week. Things on the docket to eventually do are break in my Bouchon cookbook and make rillets or duck confit.

Now it's your turn to let everyone get to know you.


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