How much do you pay for coffee?

Beans, that is. The local roaster/coffee shop in town has done nothing but hike prices over the past year (which grates my nerves because I know the owner's family and have trouble wrapping my mind around any kind of motivation behind this aside from pure greed, regardless of how likely that actually is).

They used to stagger the pricing on the different beans, with my beloved Ethiopian Sidamo topping out the scale at about $16/lb. They recently redid all the packaging to reusable cans (which is cool), but they juggled the weight around and are not charging $9.75/10 oz for all beans, which means now even their cheap blends are about $16/lb.

So I've decided to find new coffee to buy. Another store just opened up and is selling Illy again, which I love. My bf picked up a canister for me yesterday for about $12 - which I realized this morning is even worse because a canister is 8.8 oz. Is my cheap-gene shining through or is that ridiculous? What do you pay for your coffee?

Also, if anyone can recommend a good place to order yrgacheffe or ethiopian sidamo (or something similar) for a reasonable price, please share!


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