Horrible, horrible, restaurants

I was hungry today.

I wanted a new restaurant, something I hadn't eaten before. Living in Austin there are various ethnicities you can find but Mexican is one of the most common.

So me and my wife are driving on the east side of town, the east side is in a way culturally seperated from the rest of town, known for being the lower income side of town, which can many times, and often does, result in amazing food. (p.s. I live on the east side, not being snobby :P )

So we're hungry, we're driving, we see a place called Darios Restuarant and Cantina. I think, oh shit, a cantina, thats good. Mexican, thats good, lets go. So we go.

I get in and I'm lookin for al pastor, I see no al pastor. Bummer. So I read the menu, looks pretty tex-mex, not mexican but that usually goes well too. So I order this plate, I forget the name, but to break it down its a pile of rice, beans, carne guisada, and a cheese topping. Wife got "darios #2" (enchiladas, according to the menu)

We order horchatas, I notice the meal is going to be bad from the first sip. Thick, syrupy, and very powder made. When the food hits the table my heart hits my stomach. The cheese reeks, like they buy that welfare government block cheese and melt it all over EVERYTHING.

I tried to scrape it off but it wasnt enough, the stench penetrated all the food. The meat was soft but had no relation to carne guisada. The rice had a crunch to it, and the beans tasted like bean paste out of a can that had been cooked, frozen and reheated multiple times. I ate because I was hungry and felt kinda bad leaving the plate. I regretted that. My stomach immediately began an upper and lower intestine greco wrestling match.

The tortillas were decent and at one point my wife just kinda started eating them and nothing else, I spread my plate from left to right until it looked like I had eaten at least half and asked for the check.

I have no real question. I just wonder how these places stay open. It said "since 1985"


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