growing your own herbs?

last summer i started my own indoor herb garden because i wanted to have fresh herbs on hand for my cooking, but now i'm wondering if it's worth the effort. at the moment i only have thai basil and chives; my parsley plant seems to be on its last legs, and my sweet basil and cilantro plants have long since kicked the bucket. i think that may be partly due to the quality of the plants i bought (i purchased them late in the season), but i'm also wondering if i'm doing something that is preventing them from flourishing. since there aren't a lot of leaves, i can't use them very often. it sometimes seems like a lot of effort to water and prune them when i don't use them much. the main reason i tried to start my own herb garden was because i hated going out to buy a bunch of expensive herbs, and then ending up using only a tiny bit before they went bad. but i'm wondering if i should just scrap my herb garden since it has not bloomed like i thought it would.

does anyone else here grow their own herbs? do you think it's worth it? what kind of plants do you have, and what do you do to encourage robust growth?

(for the record, i keep my herbs inside and they have a fluorescent grow lamp.)


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