Going to Japan

Ok, I will be going in about two months from now, for the first week of April. But there is so much to learn and research, that I want to get a head start. I will likely post this again as the date nears. On the itinerary are Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, then back to Tokyo. Where should we eat and drink? What little towns should we stop in along the way, or make a detour to visit?

I'm looking for any and all suggestions. Probably will be looking for one or two fancy meals. One in Kyoto, one in Tokyo. Otherwise, will be searching for street food. Ramen and udon. Yakitori and robata-ya. Shabu shabu and gyu kaku. Chicken katsu, tonkatsudon. Izakayas to get plowed in while eating said delicacies. More exotic things this round eye hasn't ever heard of yet, but shouldn't miss. Please, share!


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