(Gluten Free) Corn Pasta review

I've seen this 100% corn pasta in the grocery stores for awhile now. I've always been intrigued because I've always loved pasta and corn and do not like the taste of whole wheat pasta (too grainy). I've never tried it because it's usually upwards of $5 per pound and I just can't get myself to pay that price. Well, that brings us to today ; I was at the store and they had it marked down to $1.20 lb. I thought, "what the heck" and bought a box. I just got done eating it and I was very very surprised. It is actually really good. There are a few things I must share though. The box called for 8-9 minutes (It took 13 minutes). This is a pasta for someone who likes there pasta al dente (like me!). The weird thing too is, I was expecting a "sweet" corn taste. That is non existent. Now, I'm not sure if it was the brand I had or if it is all of them, but if I didn't know it was corn, I wouldn't have guessed it. All in all - It was very good! A better alternative to whole wheat pasta.

Has anyone else tried it and what do ya'll think about it?


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