Four new foods! Now what?

I'm a little bit late to the "try something new" party, but today I found not just one, but four items I've never cooked.

First, I bought a quince, which I see I need to cook. So maybe I'll do a little cobbler with quince and apples.

Second, I bought flagolet beans, dried. Yeah, dried beans aren't exciting, but I'd never seen these before, so I bought them. I'll probably cook them fairly simply.

Next, I bought kombu. So many options. It was suggested that I cook it with either beans or rice. We'll see. Maybe soup.

Last, I got a free container of umeboshi paste. It was suggested that I eat it as a sort of condiment with rice.

Anyway, the beans and quince, I'm fairly sure about, but if anyone's got any killer suggestions for the kombu or umeboshi, I'm all for it. I'm still planning a road trip, so if I need to hunt down other ingredients to go with either, I've got a decent chance that I'll find what I need.

So I'm all giddy about my new stuff.


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