Foodies: Who or What is Responsible?

I was watching Anthony Bourdain reruns last night, and he and some foodie friends were sitting around the table talking about at what point they each decided food would become their life. Most said it was something in childhood that sparked the passion. Something mom made that was SO GOOD, the explosion of flavor compelled them to devote the rest of their lives to food.

For me. This is far from the case. My mom is a shake-and-bake, pre-packaged cook. So, at least for me -- my love for food grew when I decided to become vegetarian at age 12 and experiment with new and foreign recipes.

I believe sincerely that through this journey, the avocado is why I'm a foodie. It was some recipe I found in a vegetarian magazine that featured an avocado sandwich. Simple, yet delectable. And that's where it all started for me. From that point on . . . Food. Was. Absolutely. Amazing.

How about you? What's your story?


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