Cooking or Baking 'Little White Lies'

I am sure you have one.

I did it. It was 1979 and I was running behind that day. I was about to graduate from the University and worked three jobs. Time was precious and I wanted to impress my co-workers who had planned this really elaborate 'chocolate' party' and I was desiginated to bring 'the' most decantant dessert.

It was almost five and the dinner started at 6:30. Had time enough to shower and dress. I rushed home and was horrified to see my roomate and two friends just finishing off my chocolate masterpiece with a gallon of milk. Chocolate on their finger tips nearly put me in full cardiac arrest.

Not even thinking of confronting the chocolate looters, I drove wildly to the local bakery praying for something..anything..a crumb of a chocolate dessert. With tears rolling down my flushed cheeks, I told the owner of my dilema.

Much to my suprise, he pulled out this tray of elaborate triple fudge brownies. He said this would do the trick. I pulled out my checkbook, bought each and everyone on the spot.

Wasting no time, I ran to the nearby gift store, purchased a beautiful glass tray and in the front seat of my old truck, placed each and everyone in perfect alignment so no one would know I didn't make them myself.

I had no fear that the brownies would be a hit..they were gorgeous, delicous and just enough to calm the savage chocolate monster in all my friends.

Much to my surprise the many participants pulled out recipes to be shared with the group. I was getting dizzy, sweating and feeling like I was a marked student. I finally gave in and told them it was a prized recipe and I swore it would never be revealed. They applied pressure, and tho I became quite overcome with guilt, I couldn't speak.

Just this Christmas, over 30 years later, I received a holiday card from one of my friends requesting if I had the time, she would love to get a copy of that divine recipe from so many years ago. Oh what guilt can a little white lie cause 30 years later.


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