Your Favorite/Least Favorite Food Shows

Some of my Favorites

Iron Chef (The Japanese version was more entertaining with the English translatiors)

Top Chef (More cooking, less drama and I would like it even better)

Good Eats (I still learn a thing or two from Alton every now and again, especially when he discusses the science behind the food)

Some of my Least Favorites

Rachel Ray (I know some people think she's a culinary genius, and I'm sorry if this offends you, but she makes my ears bleed and just about everything she teaches will most likely need to be retaught the correct way by someone with actual talent)

Sandra Lee (My general love for food and her penchant for taking too many shortcuts will always clash)

Bobby Flay (Can this guy do anything other than sound pompous, grill, or make everything extremely spicy? He cooks Tex-Mex too... not a favorite of mine)


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