The SE Gimme Some Tongue Awards

Folks, tomorrow evening is the big holiday dinner at my MIL's, and before I descend into the maw of madness, I want to thank everyone on SE who make this site my favorite place for the exchange of culinary ideas. If I don't make it, just know that this was all in fun. However, if I have still managed to offended you, please feel free to unfriend me. The management here disavows any knowledge of my actions. Winners shall remain anonymous for their own protection.

#10 My bud, who shares a hot tub, not with a naked babe, but with a lukewarm bag of yogurt.

#9 The poster who doesn't eat any form of meat, non-organic dairy products, anything out of a can, anything heated in a microwave oven, any uncooked fish, any take-out pizza chain pizza, or supermarket white bread, but isn't a picky eater.

#8 The poster who is grossed out by cream cheese, unless, of course, it is mixed with smelly blue cheese.

#7 The kindred spirit, who shares my pathological fear, imprinted in childhood, of Cream of Wheat.

#6 The posters who may have watermelons growing in their stomachs.

#5 The poster on the "no white foods" segregated diet, who, apparently, took it literally when I told her she was permitted, when eating blue cheese, to eat the blue part, but not the white part.

#4 The poster who enjoys eating animals' organs, but finds a braised onion repulsive.

#3 The poster who has never tasted tongue, but has an entire, whole cow's tongue languishing in her freezer, just waiting for that special moment when she has the irresistable urge to try it.

#2 The poster who doesn't like tongue, unless it is mixed with pig blood and stuffed into the aforementioned animal's intestine.

#1 The poster who is willing to eat dog, as long as it is not her beloved KoKo.


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