Sour Cream and Pasta?

I was sent a copy of Jamie Oliver's latest cookbook "Jamie's Food Revolution" to review and test out for a website. It's a beautiful cookbook and I'll be testing recipes from it for the next week or so.

Tonight I made Jamie's recipe for chicken tikka, which required that I make my own tikka curry paste. It came out awesome, but as I've bookmarked other recipes to try later in the week I've noticed a strange trend: the combination of pasta and sour cream.

Is this an English thing or have I been living under a rock and this is something that's done often? Jamie puts sour cream in his lasagna, in his macaroni and cauliflower cheese bake, and in his mini shell pasta with a creamy smoked bacon and peas sauce- which I'm making for dinner sometime before Christmas.

I have to stick to the recipes for the book review, but I really want to substitute the sour cream with ricotta.

So, is this normal? Do any Serious Eaters add sour cream to their pasta dishes? Aside from creaminess, what's it add to the dish?


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