Non-Egg Noodles in Kugel??

Hi All,

I love making Kugel (both sweet and savory), but I have a new dilemma. I always use egg noodles, since that's what all recipes call for, and my kugels always turn out fabulously.

But, I found these great Hannukah shaped pasta at Cost Plus (in the shape of Jewish stars and dreidels) and I want to know if it's possible to use them in kugels or not. They are just regular noodles, not egg noodles.

Has anyone ever used non-egg noodles for kugel? How does it turn out? I know all noodle kugel recipes call for egg noodles, so is it a big no-no to use regular pasta, or should the regular pasta still turn out well?

Thanks so much for the help and advice!!


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