"no white foods" question

I am wanting to start a "no white foods" diet. I understand the basics but have a few questions about the following:

white beans- can I have them?

rolled oats- I make my own granola and use Quaker brand rolled oats...how do I know if they are considered "white?"

canned veggies- I read somewhere I should eliminate these, I do try and use fresh whenever possible, however what is it about the canning process that classifies these as "white", or is this a mere suggestion to a more "natural" diet. In other words, to what degree am I breaking the rules by eating canned. AND, does the same apply to frozen vegetables?

Cheese- I understand to lose weight quicker this should also be given up but what are the rules in the long term? Yes, I am doing this to lose around 15 pounds however, I am also looking to make a lifestyle change. Eventually I would like to add cheese back into my diet, in moderation of course, and am curious as to the guidelines surrounding making a healthy choice when choosing which cheeses I purchase.


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