My NY Experience

Just thought I would do a quick follow up to my experience in NY considering I got so much guidance and help from people here. Here is a quick breakdown:

Shopsin's: While it was pricey, the flavors were out of this world and totally unique making it worth it. PS Luke and Zach are really nice guys if you can make a connection. Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Best Cupcake deal, nice flavor. Minetta Tavern: 26 is a lot for a burger but it was the best burger of my life with some really awesome fries. The bone marrow was good too. Rice to Riches: Overpriced rice pudding, good but not worth it. Sweet Revenge: Unique flavors that were good but fairly expensive. Donut Plant: Good flavors but a little pricey, once in a while stop. Amy Bread: Sticky bun was good top but too big that the bottom became rather flavorless. Shake Shack: Great burgers, awesome fries, and outstanding custard (Got the gingerbread). 2 Little Red Hens: Ok red velvet, but mind-blowing brooklyn blackout. Levain Bakery: Best cookies in america, peanut butter chip is better than chocolate chip. Jacque Torres: Great hot chocolate, decent cookie. Motorino: Awesome spicy soppresetta. Artichoke: Great piece of spinach and aritchoke. Momofuku Milk Bar: Just don't get the hype. Cookies were dry and ice cream was too pricey. Brownstone Diner: Great pancakes (Nut n honey) and good atmosphere. Katz: Overpriced for a not so mind blowing or big sandwich. Biggest dissapointment of the entire trip Bouchon Bakery: Great TKO and decent chocolate chip. City Bakery: Inedible chocolate chip, and decent hot chocolate. Fat Witch: Ok brownie but nothing spectacular.


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