Must-visit hometown haunt bucket list

I was just talking to the girlfriend about the "must-visit hometown haunts" thing I posted on the SE homepage yesterday. She was like, "I've been to a lot of these--Chuy's, Magnolia, Amy's, when I visited Austin. Pepe's and Sally's in New Haven with you. Tong Kiang back home, and La Tacqueria. I think I've been to about 50 percent of them."

So I went in and looked at all the talk there and compiled a list of every place mentioned to see how many I'd visited. I'll put my results in a little bit, but I'm going to post the entire list here if any of you want to copy/paste it and X-off next to where you've been.

There's a lot of places and a lot of geographical diversity, so good luck. My own list is nowhere near 50%--and I suspect if the GF redid her list, hers would be nowhere near that either. Anyway, here goes:

Ba-le (Honolulu, Hawaii) Chun Wah Kam (Honolulu, Hawaii) Diego's, (Honolulu, Hawaii) Palama Market (Honolulu, Hawaii) Chino-Bandido (Phoenix) Teo's Hot Dogs (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Torchy's Tacos (Austin, Texas) Iowa Beef Steakhouse (Des Moines) Blanc Burgers and Bottles (Kansas City) Jardine's (Kansas City) Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop (Kansas City) Boudreaux's (St. Joseph, Missouri) Pappy's (St. Joseph, Missouri) D&G (St. Joseph, Missouri) Lighthouse Tofu (D.C.) Frank Pepe's (New Haven, Connecticut) Pizzeria Uno (Chicago) Phoenix (Chicago) Hodad's (San Diego) Richard's Pizza (Ohio) Mario's (Huntington Beach, California) Saigon (Phoenix) Cornish Pasty (Phoenix) Angel Sweet (Phoenix) In-N-Out (various locations) Arthur Bryant's (Kansas City) Gate's BBQ (Kansas City) Lamar's Donuts (Kansas City) Juicy Burgers & More (Albany, New York) Brown's Brew & Pub (Troy, New York) Graeter's Ice Cream (Ohio) Halo Burger (Flint, Michigan) Angelo's Coney Island (Flint, Michigan) Phil Roher's (Two Rivers, Wisconsin) Winstead's (Kansas City) Andre's (Kansas City) Oscar's (Berkeley, California) Lou's (Hanover, New Hampshire) McNally's (Philadelphia) Sergi's (Canton, New York) The Bagelry (Potsdam, New York) Rudy's Bar-B-Q (Leon Springs, Texas) BLT Steak (NYC) Big Wong (NYC) Ferry Building (SF) Sprinkles Cupcakes (LA) The Hot Truck (Ithaca, New York) Neptune Diner (Newburgh, New York) Pizzeria Due (Chicago) Walker Brothers (Chicago) La Tacqueria (SF) The Cheese Board (Berkeley, California) Nabolom Bakery (Berkeley, California) Duarte's Tavern (Pescadero, California) Sunrise Restaurant (Hawaii) To Chau (Hawaii) Pho 97 (Hawaii) Jimbo (Hawaii) Sorabol (Hawaii) Ono Hawaiian Foods (Hawaii) Lola (Cleveland, Ohio) Lolita (Cleveland, Ohio) Parallax (Cleveland, Ohio) Flying Pig (Cleveland, Ohio) Star Pizza (Houston) La Tapatia Taqueria (Houston) Jumbo (Boston) Redbones (Boston) Tanjore (Boston) Le's (Boston) Hassan's Kebab Van (Oxford, England) Old Parsonage (Oxford, England) King's Arms (Oxford, England) Radcliffe Arms (Oxford, England) Lamb & Flag (Oxford, England) Angel & Greyhound (Oxford, England) Turf (Oxford, England) Honeypot (Oxford, England) Eagle & Child (Oxford, England) Zingerman's (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Cafe Zola (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Del Pueblo (Houston) Teotihuacan (Houston) Pappadeaux (Houston) Nicolo's (Montclair, New Jersey) Sally's Apizza (New Haven, Connecticut) Lucibello's (New Haven, Connecticut) Amy's Ice Cream (Austin, Texas) Magnolia Cafe (Austin, Texas) Whataburger (various locations) Kopp's (Milwaukee) Shady Glen (Manchester, Connecticut) Niko Niko's (Houston) Mai's (Houston) Shipley's (Houston) Chapultepec (Houston) Greek Village (Baltimore area) Tanya's Pizzeria (Baltimore area) G&M (Baltimore area) Brandani's Pizza (Rochester, New York) Country Sweet Wings (Rochester, New York) Dinosaur BBQ (Rochester, New York) Dinosaur BBQ (Syracuse, New York) DaVinci Pizzeria (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn) The Strip District (Pittsburgh) La Prima Coffee (Pittsburgh) Sweet Adeline (Oakland, California) Bakesale Betty (Oakland, California) Le Cheval (Oakland, California) Cafe Colucci (Berkeley, California) Picante (Berkeley, California) Bucci's (Emeryville, California) Berkeley Bowl (Berkeley, California) Hoagie Haven (Princeton, New Jersey) Thomas Sweet's (Princeton, New Jersey) Hot Doug's (Chicago) Daikichi Sushi, Mitsuwa Marketplace (Torrance, California) Chico's (El Paso) Sunland Park Taco Cabana (El Paso) Uptown Diner (Minneapolis) Kerbey Lane (Austin, Texas) Chuy's (Austin, Texas) Zuni Cafe (SF) Tong Kiang (SF) Goode Company restaurants (Houston) Crazy Burger (Narragansett, Rhode Island) Fire and Ice (Providence, Rhode Island) The Cheese Shop (Williamsburg, Virginia) Caserta's Pizza (Providence, Rhode Island) Ma's Donuts (Rhode Island) La Especial Norte (Leucadia, California) Fidel's (Solana Beach, California) Junior's Deli (LA) Falafel King (LA) Tiendo Rincon Chileno (LA) Michel Richard (LA) Randy's Donuts (LA) Versailles Cuban Restaurant (LA) The Farmer's Market at the Grove (LA) Tito's Tacos (LA) Happy Joe's Pizza (various locations) Burrito Boy (Eugene, Oregon) Hanna's (Eugene, Oregon) The Glenwood (Eugene, Oregon) Mazzi's (Eugene, Oregon) Swiss Hotel (Sonoma, California) Top Dogs (Berkeley, California) La Burrita (Berkeley, California) Cheeseboard Pizza (Berkeley, California) Las Palmas (SF) Coffee Klatsch (San Dimas, California) Schmucker's Good Food Diner (Toledo, Ohio) Pazo (Baltimore) Railhead (Fort Worth, Texas) Jazz Cafe (Fort Worth, Texas) Skyline Chili (Cincinnati) Sanford's (Rapid City, South Dakota) Mongolian Grill (Rapid City, South Dakota) Hudson's Hamburgers (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) Ruth's Diner (Salt Lake City) Pie Pizza (Salt Lake City) Wandering Goat Coffee (Eugene, Oregon) Off the Waffle (Eugene, Oregon) Metropol Bakery (Eugene, Oregon)


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