Home cured bacon

Last week, I posted about smoking home-cured bacon in a apartment without a smoker. I haven't gotten that far yet. My bacon brined (in a wet cure without pink salt) for a few days, then I hung it for 24 hours. I pulled it out today and it just looked funky. After trimming the rind, I sliced a little bit off the side and fried it up plain.

Can anyone who's made bacon at home tell me if it's supposed to be grayish? I know that the lack of pink salts will probably change the coloring, but this doesn't look or smell like any bacon I've ever seen before. The smell isn't bad, per se, just different... very meaty and raw. I've never done this before so I'm not sure if that's normal. Thoughts?

(As an aside, my pink salts arrived yesterday, so my next batch will definitely incorporate a dry rub and those glorious nitrates).


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