HELP.... I Need The Best of the Best Scalloped Potato recipe.

My wife-in-law( X husbands wife) always brings her special scalloped potatoe recipe to Xmas Eve. dinner. For the sake of my wonderful daughters I go every year, to keep our family all happy and together. The problem is that this w-i-l thinks she is the best cook since Julia C. and she never shares any recipes, what a B!! So being an ornery soul at times, I wrote on the list for the pot luck, quess what!! Scalloped potatoes. Yikes, okay now I want the very best, just to keep my vengence creditable. Give it to me, I have plenty of time to try them out before Xmas Eve. Real cream or certain type potatoes, whatever you all know to be your very favorite. Thankyou all now, for your help. My daughter's cannot wait, they are more excited about this than anything else happeneing. We are an evil bunch. coco

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