Getting Moose...but needing variety

happy friday eaters! after reading this feature I got to thinking about my papa's game this year.

He was drawn to hunt moose; called me last night to spread the good news. He's also informed me of its gigantic size and the amount of space I will need to clear in my freezer! (He actually asked for my freezers dimensions; thats a sign right!?)

So anyway: I like moose in moderation. Growing up game (elk, deer and moose) were staples and beef, pork and chicken were treats.

So part of me is really sick of the moose meat.

I know there has to be recipes out there! Bring-em on folks! What would you do with Moose Meat?

PS - I've been contemplating purchasing a slow-cooker for the past like, 2 years; and havent yet. I welcome slow-cooker recipes but appreciate any oven-roasted methods too! tia :D hungrychristel


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