EVERY Day Foods

For the past week I've had a sandwich every day and over the course of the week the sandwich has changed very little: Whole wheat bread, Best Foods mayo, Dijon mustard, smoked turkey, baby spinach leaves, a slice of tomato, and awesome pepperjack cheese. I'm not sick of this sandwich in any way and it's safe to say I could eat this everyday and still enjoy it.

If I woke up early enough, I'd probably have peanut butter on whole wheat toast every morning of my life. These are foods that can be thrown together in seconds, are healthy enough, and taste delicious.

I've noticed that a lot of people I know get sick of food easily. Everyday they've got to pick a new lunch spot or order/pack a different thing for their lunch break. I, on the other hand, can think of a lot of food that I pretty much eat everyday: "Cuties" mandarin oranges, strawberry yogurt, sandwiches, etc. etc. I literally never get sick of these things.

Do you guys have anything you eat everyday- or could eat everyday- without ever getting sick of it? What are the food staples of your daily life?


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