Do some people's eating habits drive you around the bend?

My inlaws are here and both of their eating habits drive me crazy. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed my MIL thinks about her next meal AND talks about it.

Today was busy around here with extra kids and lunch guests --I served three lunches---she ate every single time!! Then when I was readying the living room for a party she helped herself to each bowl of nuts and candy that I have set out. She will then talk endlessly about portion control. I just want to yell---STOP PUTTING FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH.

I honestly make double everything so that my kids will get enough food. I sent her to the grocery store because I realized she was so anxious about the impending snow and perhaps lack of food! My father-in-law is a one man swarm of locusts. I had set out everything for the party in it's bags etc. on their platters so I could just swoop in and get it all set. I had to undo everything and hide it so he would not eat all the party food. He almost ate a family bag of tostitos before I hid everything.

Don't get me wrong I love to feed people but they really make me crazy. If I make dinner when they are here and it says it feeds 4-5 people I make triple--and there are only 7 of us!!

Is it just me? Am I a meany bellini?


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