Dinner's over. Oops, look what I forgot!

One weekend a month I have a massive first-thing-Monday-morning deadline which really means I have to be done on Sunday night. On those Sundays (like today) I try to plan for an easy dinner. Leftovers are perfect, but that didn't work this time. So last night I put some beans in a pot to soak, pulled out a hunk of frozen ham, and planned on bean soup and cornbread for dinner.

Beans got rinsed and into the crockpot this morning and as I wandered in and out of the kitchen for coffee, I checked on them a few times, added some tomatoes, checked seasoning. At the appropriate time, I added carrots, onion, celery. Closer to dinnertime, I made the cornbread. Checked on the beans, and the soup wasn't quite what I wanted. It seemed a little thin..so I decided to toss some rice in. It was a tossup between rice and noodles, but I had handful of red rice in a container and decided to use that up.

Dinnertime comes, and we chow down on the soup and the cornbread. ...mmmm.... good. I'm thinking the seasoning isn't quite there; maybe it needs a little more salt.

We're putting dinner away and I open the fridge, and there's that chunk of ham staring at me, accusingly. Yeah, if you're going to make ham and bean soup, you might want to actually include the ham. And then it dawns on me that I had some frozen ham stock that I had meant to use in the soup, but in my addled-brained working-on-Sunday state, I used water instead of stock. Duh.

Oh well, the soup was good, but it'll be better tomorrow when the ham spends some time getting acquainted with the beans.

So, what was the biggest thing you forgot until after it was too late?


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