Cooked Fruit and Other Unappealing Things

Today I realized that I hate when fish is fried. To me, the point of eating fish or other seafood is that it's healthy, delicate, delicious, and light. So, the act of frying seafood really rubs me the wrong way.

Then I realized that I hate when fruit is cooked. In a pie or dessert of some kind- fine, but I really dislike the idea of grilling or cooking fruit. I think it's for similar reasons as the seafood. To me, fruit is incredibly succulent, juicy, and refreshing- especially when it's cold and cooking it just kills the appeal of fruit for me.

I also dislike cold pasta salad. I love the feeling that a big, warm, bowl of pasta conjures; it's comforting and fulfilling and delicious. Cold pasta salad is just ... it's wrong is what it is.

Are there any foods that you think get disrespected when cooked or served a certain way?


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